Hearing Colloquium Copenhagen

Prof. Kate Gfeller from The University of Iowa will be our next invited speaker at the Hearing Colloquium Copenhagen.
Title:  “Cochlear Implant Recipients and Complex Listening  Experiences with Music:  Beyond the Test Booth  

Over the past 3 decades,   researcher have focused considerable effort on improving cochlear implant (CI)  technology, and toward understanding factors that contribute to variable outcomes of CI users for speech and music perception.   Unfortunately,  despite dedicated effort to improve conveyance of fine structure in the acoustic signal, CI users still have unsatisfactory perception of music as well as speech in background music and noisy environment. Many CI users find music inaccessible and unpleasant, and  CI users are faced with many challenges in navigating complex listening in real-life (e.g., social events, concerts, movies, etc.).  Interestingly,  a scoping study of more that 5000 articles on CIs indicates only a small proportion of studies examining post-surgical approaches to optimize or accommodate  CI benefit in spectrally-complex listening situations.  This presentation will include information on real-life listening challenges and limitations of practical resources for enhancing CI benefit as gathered through patient-centered research methodology. Implications of patient insights for prioritizing the research agenda and refining methodological approaches in CI research will be discussed. 

Presenter: Kate Gfeller, Ph.D., Russell and Florence Day Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Music; Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Iowa Cochlear Implant Clinical Research Center,  Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery,  The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, The University of Iowa


Tue 03 Jul 18
14:00 - 15:30


DTU, Department of Electrical Engineering
Ørsteds Plads 352, Kgs. Lyngby
room 019

24 JANUARY 2019