DTAS Meeting

Speakers and researchers from Hearing Systems will participate at the annual meeting arranged by DTAS (Dansk Teknisk Audiologisk Selskab) Danish Technical Audiological Society.
This year, the DTAS board members are especially proud to present Dr. M. Charles Liberman as international speaker.
Dr. M. Charles Liberman is one of the main names behind Cochlea Synaptopathy or the more mundane Hidden Hearing Loss (HHL)

Bastian Epp, Hearing Systems DTU will make a speech with the title:
“Where is it hiding? Looking for the ‘hidden hearing loss’ using experimantal hearing science and audiology at DTU"
Allan Wiinberg, Hearing Systems DTU, will present:
“How to enchance speech envelope cues for hearing-impaired listeners"

More information and program here


Fri 29 Sep 17 11:30 -
Sat 30 Sep 17 12:00



Hotel Vejlefjord
Sanatorievej 26, 7140 Stouby

21 JULY 2018