EU Projects

Hearing Systems is a member of the European Marie Curie Initial Training Networks on “Improved Communication through Applied Hearing” (ICanHear).
In addition, we received funding for the European Collaborative Project “Reading the world with Two Ears” (Two!Ears), as well as support for external research stays of PhD students at North American Universities through the Erasmus Mundus Program “Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience” (ACN) Program and the Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid Horizon 2020 (COCOHA).
These networks are particularly valuable and we expect that we will be able to continuously attract excellent researchers to our group both at junior and senior levels.
Several other EU projects hans been conducted and now completed.

Previous EU projects:
TwoEars, INSPIRE, ICanHear

Current EU funded PhD and postdoc projects at Hearing Systems:

Gerard Encina Llamas
(ACN) PhD student

Søren Fuglsang
(COCOHA) PhD student

Antoine Favre-Félix
(COCOHA) PhD student

Jonatan Marcher-Rørsted (COCOHA) Research Assistant

Arturo Moncada-Torres (ICanHear) Visiting PhD student
14 DECEMBER 2017