15 JAN

Ny viden skal hjælpe mennesker med skjult høretab

Høje lyde i vores omgivelser forårsager nerveskader i øret hos stadig flere mennesker. Ny forskning skal sikre, at høretabet fremover kan diagnosticeres og behandles.

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19 SEP

Improved compensation strategy for hearing aids

Hearing aids amplify all the sounds around us – even the ones we don’t want to listen to. New research makes it possible for hearing aids to distinguish between direct...

Sound Hearing aids
23 NOV

PhD degree successfully defended by Gusztáv Lőcsei

On Nov 15, Gusztáv Lőcsei successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Lateralized speech perception with normal and impaired hearing".

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28 OCT

PhD project about bimodal hearing

PhD student Niclas Janßen is investigating how people with both a hearing aid and a cochlear implant can benefit from being able to combine the sounds from both ears.

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29 AUG

Celebration of the Volunteers

On Friday August 26 Hearing Systems’ researchers had invited all the people that have participated in their experiments this year. The event gave the researchers the opportunity...

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15 JAN

A technological playground of 64 loudspeakers

For Marton Marschall, a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen, the department of Electrical Engineering’s new audio-visual...

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24 FEBRUARY 2018